Jewel beetles/ Metallic wood-boring beetlesEdit

Arthropods (Arthropoda)---Insects (Insecta)---Beetles (Coleoptera)---Polyphaga---True and False Metallic wood-boring beetles (Buprestoidea)----True Metallic wood-boring beetles (Buprestidae)
Jewel beetle1

11th June, 2008.

Jewel beetle2

24th July, 2008.

Jewel beetle3

1st September, 2008.

Agrilus sp. twin-spot

12th July, 2008. Agrilus sp.

Jewel beetles are long pointed beetles that appear in spring and summer among low flowers, shrubs and tree trunks. The name "Jewel beetle" and "Metallic" wood-borer comes from the many species with beautiful bright colours, though most in Alberta are grey and brown. These are easy to know since their shape is characteristic within this family. The best place to find them is probably by searching low plants and tree branches and bark in the warm sun. Most adults of species lay eggs in rotting tree trunks where the larvae develop and are known as "Flat-head borers".

Species: Edit

Hexagon jewel beetle (not real species name)                                   
Hexagon jewel beetle
Unidentified Agrilus sp. jewel beetles
Jewel beetles 1
Phaenops fulvogattata
Flathead poplar borer
Flathead poplar borer
Dicera tenebrica