Longhorn beetles Edit

Arthropods (Arthropoda)---Insects (Insecta)----Beetles (Coleoptera)----Polyphaga----Chrysomeloidea----Longhorn beetles (Cerambycidae)

Longhorn beetles are mainly herbivorous medium-sized beetles found in forests and hedgerows with very long antennae, normally as long as their body length. Many of the larger species have a fairly painful bite which is because of the way the adults chew wood. The family name Ceryambycidae supposedly comes from the Greek word kerambex referring to a type of horned beetle (karabos= beetle + kerax=horn). Longhorn beetles are also known as longicorn beetles in a few parts of the world.

The subfamilies are Basic longhorns (Cerambycinae), Flower longhorns (Lepturinae), Flat-faced longhorns (Lamiinae), Thin longhorns (Disteniinae) and also Aseminae, Spondylidinae, Prioninae and Parandrinae.

Red-shouldered Longhorn
Phymatodes dimidiatus
Black Flower Longhorn
Gramoptera subargentata 5
Phymatodes dimidatus Grammoptera subargentata
Striped Longhorn beetle
Pidonia densicollis
Purple & Gold Longhorn beetle
Meriellum proteus
Pidonia densicollis Meriellum proteus
Large Longhorn beetle
Largelonghorn beetle 1
Mini Zebra Longhorn
Pogonocherus mixtus
Arhopalus sp. Pogonocherus mixtus
Large Longhorn beetle
Large longhorn 3 (1)
Large Longhorn beetle
Large longhorn 2 (1)
Arhopalus sp. Arhopalus sp.
Pollen Longhorn
Gnathacmaeops pratensis
Longhorn beetle
Longhorn beetle 5
Gnathacmaeops pratensis Pronocera collaris