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Calligrapha sp.

10th August, 2008. Calligrapha californica. When I first saw it I thought it was a Waterside ladybird.

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Leaf beetles are are group of mainly herbivorous beetles, a few species look remarkably like, and are often mistaken for, ladybirds. The key here is the more elongated shape of these insects, and their much longer antennae. Almost all of the garden pest species, such as the Lily beetle, Colorado and Asparagus beetle, are in this family and cause devastating damage to crops and plants. However, some are of economic importance, such as a biological control for rapidly spawning weed species.

Larvae of leaf beetles normally feed on leaves above ground, but some are subterranean and feed on plant roots underground.

This group consists of Basic leaf beetles, Tortoise beetles (Cassidinae), Flea beetles(Galerucinae), Skeletonizing leaf beetles (also Galerucinae) and the longhorn-like Case bearers (Cryptocephalinae). Flea beetles are not featured on this page, go to the bottom and click on Alticini from the table.

Species Edit

California Calligrapha---Calligrapha californica

Dogwood calligrapha Calligrapha philadelphica Goldenrod skeletonizing leaf beetle Trirhabda canadensis
Dogwood calligrapha1
Goldenrod leaf beetle
Cottonwood leaf beetles Chrysomela scripta and semota A small leaf beetle Gastrophysa polygoni
Cottonwood leaf beetle1
Gastrophysa polygoni
Red turnip beetle Entomoscelis americana A small leaf beetle Orsodacne atra
Red turnip beetle1
Orsodance atra
Red-rimmed leaf beetle Galeruca externa
Galeruca externa

Flea beetles (Alticini)
Flea beetle
California Calligrapha Calligrapha californica
Calligrapha sp.