Cicindela repanda (Dejean, 1825) Edit

Arthropods (Arthropoda)-----Insects (Insecta)------Beetles (Coleoptera)----Adephaga----Ground beetles (Carabidae)-----Tiger beetles (Cicindelinae)----Cicindelini----Cicindela----C. repanda
12-spotted tiger beetle 1

23rd July, 2008. I had originally thought this was the Twelve-spotted Tiger beetle.

This tiger beetle is basically a more coppery/ bronzy version (Also known as the Bronze/ Bronzed Tiger beetle) of the Twelve-spotted Tiger beetle. The c shape by its shoulder is known as the humeral lunule and is seperated into two seperate spots in the Twelve-spotted sometimes though this isn't always reliable. This species has been reported to eat fruit on occasions, the only species known to do this. Tiger beetles appear in Spring, getting rarer on hot days of summer and even rarer in fall. This species is found all across North America: see map here of its current distribution as of 2009.

There is still 3 different subspecies today: C. repanda repanda, C. repanda novascotiae and C. repanda tanneri. The Twelve-spotted tiger beetle used to included as a subspecies of this one, in some old sources it still is, but was recognized as its own species.

Feeding Edit

Hunts small insects on the ground.

Habitats Edit

Dry soil/ clay/ sand habitats with sparse vegatation, often near small streams and ponds. It appears to share the same asort of area/ habitat as the Twelve-spotted, since I have seen both species in one place.