Ampedus apicatus (Say, 1839)Edit

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Ampedus apicatus

May 29, 2008. Found along a woodland edge habitat along the Edmonton river valley.

This click beetle was the first I encountered in Alberta, it flew onto me when I was walking by a Woodland edge. This click beetle is mainly a forest dweller, and is most often found near tree trunks and rotting logs or hidden under bark for cover during the day. These beetles, like other click beetles, are nocturnal and seeing one fly during the day, like I did, is pretty unusual.


Adult body is around 9mm-13mm.

Range in AlbertaEdit

Found from forested regions south to Lethbridge.

Times of yearEdit

Can be found from mid-May - early August. There was a record for one in October on the 1st.


The name "Fire and ash click beetle" I made up myself since it did not originally have one.


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