Microweisea misella (LeConte, 1878) Edit

Arthropods (Arthropoda)---Insects (Insecta)---Beetles (Coleoptera)----Polyphaga----Cucujoidea----Ladybirds (Coccinellidae)----Microweisea----M. misella

24th June, 2008.

These laybirds are very tiny and only seen by the dedicated bug hunter, they can be seen as small, black "mites" on tree trunks and branches of both deciduous and pine trees (deciduous trees are preferred). The accepted name for this species is "Micro ladybird" and in a sense, is part of the ladybird group as a whole known as "Micro ladybirds" which consists of small 0.5-2mm sized ladybirds. There are 5 species known in this genus, but only one is found in Alberta.  There are a few ladybirds classified as "Micro ladybirds", but this is the only one that is all-black with no hairs on its wings.

Size Edit

Tiny; ~1mm.

Links Edit

John Acorn's Ladybugs of Alberta contains information on all species of Alberta, including this one, with detailed photos and diagrams.