Entomoscelis americana (Brown, 1942)Edit

Arthropods (Arthropoda)----Insects (Insecta)----Beetles (Coleoptera)----Polyphaga----Chrysomeloidea-----Leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae)---Chrysomelinae----Entomoscelis-----E. americana
Red turnip beetle1

8th September, 2008. Found on Dog Mustard but moved to a species of Radish.

This is a very colourful leaf beetle found from late June to around September. However, its destructive eating has made its beauty ignored by alot of farmers and gardeners. Larvae and Adults of this species feed on plants at night, and have been recognized as a pest on Crucifers such as Turnips, Cabbage, Mustard and Canola.

In some (normally western) states and provinces the black bands may be wider on a few specimens. This species is native to North America unlike most pest species of Leaf beetles. In Alberta this is most commonly found from the Aspen Parkland/ around Edmonton region.