Ectobius lapponicus (Linnaeus, 1758)Edit

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The Tawny or Dusky Forest Cockroach is a insect under the category of "Wild or Forest Cockroaches", cockroaches that are found in wild, outside areas. There is some confusion over Tawny and Dusky, sometimes Tawny is applied to E. pallidus or E. lapponicus and same with Dusky. They can be found on warm sunny days on prominent leaves or flowers. Wild/ Forest Cockroaches are harmless outdoor species that very rarely wander into houses.


An E. lapponicus specimen found in a British heathland on a small Bramble shrub.


Can be found on small hedgerows and shrubs (Woodland edges), or on fairly long grass (such as fields). Knee-high plants are worth checking.


Adults can up to 10-12mm. Nymphs are 5-7mm.