Hippodamia tredecimpunctata (Linnaeus, 1758) subsp. tibialis (Say, 1824)Edit

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6th June, 2008.

Thirteen-spotted ladybird3

17th May, 2008.

The Thirteen-spotted ladybird used to be much more common before the Seven-spotted ladybird was introduced, today it is uncommon but can still be seen on blades of grass and low plants in field and meadow habitats. This beetle is a bit more elongated than other well-known species, and the spots are quite variable; sometimes a few spots may be fused, sometimes not at all.  Another unusual trait is that the Pronotum pattern is just as variable as the spots, normally in ladybird species the pronotum pattern is always exactly the same. Exactly the same species can be found in Europe, in England it is very rare and can be found in wetland habitats.

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Fields and meadows (normally damp) and marshy habitats; check blades of grass and low plants, in short-cut fields check dandelions and other low-growing plants.
Thirteen-spotted ladybird1

9th June, 2008.